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Plastic Business Card Printing

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If you're ready to make the move to plastic business cards it's time to decide which stock is right for you. We offer a semi transparent Frosted Plastic Business Card Stock, completely transparent Clear Business Card Stock, and a wide variety of metallic and color Standard Business Cards.

clear stock plastic cards Frosted plastic cards

Frosted Plastic Business Cards:

Offering more contrast our semi transparent frosted plastic cards offer a more durable, scratch resistant surface as well. While there is a slight cost increase from the clear and standard stock these cards have become a favorite among customers since we introduced them and are unique in the industry. Try adding a color for a tinted effect!

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Frosted Plastic Business Cards

Clear Business Cards:

Ever since there have been business cards they've been primarily white pieces of paper, 3.5" x 2". People have lots of these and they are easily stuffed in a desk drawer or... in a trash can. They are washed in pants pockets and destroyed... Dog-eared... Etc.

Our clear business cards are unique in appearance, shape, and feel. They immediately stand out from the crowd and say more about you than a paper card ever could. The quality feel and experience of your clear business cards is attached to the service you provide and starts preselling your prospects immediately.

Clear Business Cards for Graphic Designers

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Standard Plastic Business Cards:

Our standard plastic business cards are the same as both the clear and frosted business cards but are printed on either a metallic, white, or colored stock. Because of this they are less expensive while offering the same quality look and feel, along with the credit card size that makes them stand apart from other business cards.

We use the credit card size because it fits in wallets, purses, and other standard places where a credit card would be carried.

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Opaque Standard Plastic Business Cards
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